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Noni Juice For Animals


We make no curative claims about this product.


Doctors Verify The Effectiveness Of Noni Juice

Dr. Gary Tran

Dr. Tran received his Veterinary degree from the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1964. He operates his own practice, specializing in emergency and trauma care. He has treated over 73,000 animals.
In my Veterinary practice, I incorporate traditional and holistic animal medicine. I first heard about Noni juice ten months ago. I was skeptical, but decided to order a case anyway.
The day the Noni juice arrived, my aunt called from France and told me her daughter was dying of AIDS. I sent Noni juice to her that day. Noni juice helped my cousin so much that I decided to give it to my immediate family. It helped my wife's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression, and my son's debilitating migraine headaches. It eased my own arthritis pain and asthma.
The results were so dramatic for my family that I decided to use it on the four-legged patients at my clinic. I have given Noni juice to over 2,000 animals and
more than 90% of the time the animals have responded well.
Noni juice is not only wonderful for alleviating pain, it's also antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-carcinogenic. It strengthens the immune system's ability to fight viral infections. Noni heals and rejuvenates, controls vomiting, counteracts poisons, and stabilizes animals that are in shock.
It takes care of the inflammation associated with joint problems, arthritis, sprains, and fractures.
Noni juice also helps organs heal more quickly, reverses neurological disorders, helps spinal cord injuries, and enables animals to recover from comas more quickly. I no longer need to use pain-killers, muscle relaxants, or steroids on my animals.

I have found that Noni is the most wonderful substance a doctor can use in this line of work. In all my thirty-five years of practicing traditional and holistic veterinary medicine, I haven't seen any other product that is as versatile as Noni juice.
If I were banished to a remote island and could bring only one health product, it would definitely be Noni juice.

Noni juice. Noni juice. Noni juice.

Limehouse Veterinary Clinic of Holistic Medicine

Dear Dr. Zosche,

You asked how we are using Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) at our clinic.

When we first started dispensing the product, I was very selective and used it in cases of cancer. A high percentage of the clients reported back that their animals were acting very young and playful...more so than in a long time. In a few cases, some tumors actually regressed...a squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva of an old Labrador Retriever shrunk by 1/2 its original size. In a dog with multiple lipomas, several have decreased in size and some have even resolved. An undifferentiated mammary tumor on another dog is non-palbable within 1 month.

With the reports of increased well-being in cancer patients, I started using Noni for cases of degenerative joint disease with stiffness and/or weakness. Many of these dogs and cats responded within 2 weeks or less and became less stiff, increasingly able to get up on elevated surfaces (jump on the bed, get into the car), and also began playing more. Now we are placing all geriatric animals on Noni Juice to evaluate their restrictions. Some of these animals we re-evaluate ourselves. Some are not being re-examined, but the owners are asking for refills of Noni for their pets or themselves. The majority of these animals are improving within 3-4 weeks, with an occasional one taking as long as 2 months before improvement is noticed. However, these are usually animals that have been slow in responding to other treatments, or in whom the duration of effect of other therapies has been limited.

I have tried it on several cats with millary dermatitis and dogs with atopic disease. Even though we have continued our regular therapies along with Noni, these cats have responded more quickly, and are remaining free of skin problems. Our own Golden Retriever is a classic atopic, sensitive to almost all pollens found in this area of Southern California. Although we did not anticipate using him as a test case, because of our travel and teaching schedule, we were unable to treat him with acupuncture for about 6 weeks. Historically, this would have meant severe dermatitis...yet, with him receiving Noni twice daily, his allergies are almost non-existent, and his coat looks the best it has since he's lived in Los Angeles! Several other pet owners have contacted us to report that parasitic animals have improved dramatically with the use of Noni.

John B. Limehouse, DVM, CVA - February 6th, 1997.

Growth In Horse's Nose Is Gone

May 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

My 8-year old thoroughbred mare developed a large growth in her right nostril. It look like a large, ballooning abscess, but it was dense, painless tissue. The Vet removed it and had it analyzed. The lab confirmed it to be a fibrosarcoma tumor which is a malignant cancerous tumor attached by a stalk that grows invasive tentacles making it difficult to successfully treat. I was told it will grow back, which it did 5 Months later (April, 1997). I contacted the Vet again who consulted with the surgeon at the Equine Center at Davis, California. I was told that even after extensive tests (x-ray, MRI, Endoscopic examination) and treatment (surgical excision of tumor, connecting stalk and surrounding tissue) that it will continue to grow back.

Having studied natural and holistic healing for over 20 years I decided to treat her myself using natural methods. Tahitian Noni was the first method I tried. I chose it because of it's success in treating tumors and because it was unique product. I gave her 2 oz. 2 times daily with her feed. Her coat seemed to improved immediately. On the 3rd day I noticed a discharge coming from her right nostril (like a runny nose). On the 5th day, noticing that there was no tentacle fiber hanging from her nostril as there had been, I looked up her nostril and was shocked and amazed that there was nothing there.

I have continued to give her 4-6 oz. a day with her feed and will keep her on Noni for 1 year as recommended for cancer so that the cells can continue to regenerate normally without the need to form the new growth.


Kathleen L. Judge, D.C.

Birds Soaring High With Noni Juice

I have used Noni juice to help both a dove and a parakeet. The young dove had fallen from its nest when it was just a few weeks old. When we found it, the dog had already gotten to it and it was in pretty bad shape.
I gave it Noni juice and fed it a diet of worms and moss. When it was obvious that the bird was healthy and could survive on its own, I let it go. It still stays close to our house.
I also used Noni juice on a parakeet that had an injured wing. By the following morning, the injured wing was completely healed!

Christa Barnhill

Cat's Leg Heals Fast With Noni

My cat recently broke her leg when she fell out of a tree. Naturally, I took her to the vet for treatment. A good friend of mine told me about a product called Noni juice. She told me that she knew someone who had given it to their dog after it was run over by a car. The dog was badly injured and not expected to survive. The dog's owner insisted that the dog be given Noni juice and credited it with saving the dog's life. Since that time, I have heard many similar stories about Noni.
I started mixing an ounce of Noni juice with my cat's milk. Not only did my cat heal much more quickly than expected, she seems to have much more energy than she had before she was injured.
I still give her Noni juice every day. Noni juice really works and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

Debra Alexander

Dog's Arthritis Pain Is Gone

We started giving Noni juice to our 10 year old dog, Pepsi, several months ago in hopes that it would help him with his arthritis. He has always been very active. However, over the course of the past year, he seemed to be slowing down considerably. We noticed that he was starting to look very stiff when he would stand up. And it took him several minutes of what appeared to be painful stretching before he could walk.
Within a few days after I started mixing Noni juice with his water, Pepsi went through an amazing transformation. He now hops right up and he has become as playful as a puppy.
Pepsi also has had several fatty tumors during the past two years. While the vet says that they are not necessarily anything to worry about at this time, they are a cause for concern. The tumors are much smaller since Pepsi started drinking Noni juice. When I forgot to give him Noni juice for more than a couple of day's I can definitely tell the difference. Pepsi's body stiffens up again and he loses all the pep. Within a few hours of having his Noni juice, he is once again acting half his age.
I have recommended Noni juice to several of my friends and they all report exciting results. I think its good for every pet.

Dottie Martin

Cat Receives Relief From Diabetes

I am an Alternative Health Care Practitioner in New York. My 7 year old cat, Patches, developed diabetes as the result of a medication which he was given several years ago. He was on insulin for a period of time. More recently, I had been treating him with natural products rather than insulin.
I began adding one teaspoon of Noni juice to his breakfast food every morning. Within one week, I noticed the difference in him.
I have noticed that Patches has been grooming himself much more frequently since I began adding Noni juice to his food. I feel that this is a sign that his pancreas is functioning more normally. Diabetes causes a cat's mouth to become dry making them less inclined to groom themselves. Noni juice from Tahiti has been very good for Patches!

Caroline Boddie

12 Yr. Old Dog Is Acting Like A Puppy

Noni juice Noni juice from Tahiti made us so good that we decided to give some to our 12 year old Schnauzer, Stoney. He had been suffering from arthritis in his back for the past year and a half. As a result, he was no longer able to jump up onto the couch or the bed.
We started out putting a quarter ounce of Noni juice on Stoney's food. Now we mix a quarter ounce of Noni juice with milk and give Stoney the Noni, he was able to hop up onto the couch and bed. Noni juice has also eliminated Stoney's constipation problems. He acts younger and he has the gate of a playful puppy.
An example of how much Noni has helped Stoney came to light recently, when he was dragging around the house. We realized that he had not had his Noni. Within one day of getting back on the juice he was back to being Stoney, the Noni Dog!

Jack & Bootsie Holian

Noni Juice Puts Fluff Into Puff

Several months ago one of my cats. Puff is seven years old and has enjoyed a relatively healthy life. However, I awoke one morning to find him very ill. He had been acting funny for a couple of days. I took him to the vet and he said that Puff had possibly eaten something which had made him ill. The results of his liver and kidney enzyme tests were way off. He was lethargic and very dehydrated. The vet gave Puff some fluids and I took him home. My parents gave me a bottle of Noni juice and I started giving Puff two tablespoons a day.
Within a few days Puff was feeling much better. I took him back to the vet for a check up a couple of weeks later and he was given a clean bill of health. I still give Puff a tablespoon of Noni juice every day.

Larissa Martindale

Noni Controls Dog's Skin Rash

Noni juice Noni juice has really done wonders for our dog, Jelly Bean. She has suffered for years from an irritating rash that covers her stomach and feet.
Noni juice is controlling this rash completely. We give her a teaspoon of Noni juice for breakfast. We also apply noni topically and mix a tablespoon with her bath. Jelly Bean loves the Noni juice!

Sharon & Jack Wells

Noni Saves Life Of Valuable Horse

We breed Quarter Horses and Paints in California. One day we received a call that a valuable mare had been critically injured in an accident in Oregon. Her pectoral and shoulder muscles had literally been torn away. The local veterinarian put her chances of survival at less than 2 percent and told us that we should put her down immediately.
I (Fred) have been researching alternative health care and healing methods to deal with my own medical problems (primarily arthritis) for almost 30 years. During the course of this research, I had recently read about Noni.
When we received the call regarding the injured mare, I refused to have her put down. She comes from championship stock and, even though she was injured too badly to be shown, her potential value for breeding was very high.
I gave instructions that Noni be put directly on the wounds, as well as down her throat. A few days after her accident, I drove to Oregon and found that she was in bad shape, but still alive.
I gave the horse several ounces of Noni juice to sedate her. Nothing else that I had been given to use for this purpose worked. I then proceeded to cut away at least 5 pounds of rotting flesh, nerves, and muscle from her injured shoulder. The following week, I put her in a trailer and took her back to California to continue her recovery.
Within 3 months she was running like an antelope! All of the hair has grown back over the injured area. Six weeks ago, I turned her loose to roam on open range.

I also used Noni juice on a yearling that had been badly injured when pushed through a fence by a mare. His flesh and muscle on the inside of his leg was cut to the bone from the top of the leg almost to the hoof.
I cut off the end of a turkey baster and gave this yearling 8 ounces of Noni juice orally. I applied it topically as well. In treating this horse, I had cut through veins and cauterize them with a heated iron to stop the bleeding.
This horse never flinched throughout this entire process. I wrapped the leg and continued to give the horse 8 ounces of Noni juice orally each day. Two months later, the leg was healed and I was able to turn him out to pasture.

We also gave Noni juice to one of our cats who had been injured when she was stepped on by a horse. She had been dragging her injured leg for six months. After only a month on Noni juice, she could walk normally.

Noni Juice has helped our 9 year old German Shepherd as well. Before drinking the juice, his advancing age made it very difficult for him to get around. After a couple of months on Noni juice, he plays with our young pup until the pup is absolutely exhausted and gives up! We believe without a doubt that Noni juice is a truly amazing gift from paradise and encourage everyone to try it!

Dilly Sells Veterinarian On Noni

My name is Dilly Dally. I'm a Dalmatian. They call me "Dilly" for short. I am 11 years of age on September 4th. That's 77 years to you humans.
My humans, Dave Maxwell and Diane, became aware of Noni juice from Tahiti and started adding it to my water last December. Now, don't get me wrong, I take pretty good care of myself and have always taken pride in treeing cats with the best of them, but I'm here to tell you that Noni juice from Tahiti has changed my life.
Like many others getting along in years, I would awaken sometimes in the morning and have to hop on three legs for several hours--arthritis it was, they tell me. The Noni juice put an end to that. I had a red rash on my skin--not uncommon to Dalmatians in Florida. Man, that made my back almost blood red and where I could reach my tail, I couldn't help it, I almost ate myself alive. Nothing my humans or veterinarians could do seemed to help until the Noni juice. Now the rash and itch are completely gone and my coat is smooth and silky. Others canines my age tend to be developing cataracts. You know, those milky eyes. My eyes are as clear as crystal. My hearing is a acute as that of a puppy. I used to get worms from time to time. Since taking the Noni juice, I have been checked regularly (how embarrassing) but haven't had 'em since. Heck, I don't mind telling you I prance like a colt and, when my humans let me run in the field, I scamper around like a one year old. The best part about it, is I love the taste of Noni juice in my water and drink it down to the bottom of the bowl. I just have to come running and wagging my tail when the bottle comes out of the refrigerator. As far as I am concerned it's not only good for me, it just plain tastes good.
Now, if I had any doubt that Noni was working for me, that all went away when my humans went on vacation for a week. Don't get me wrong, the human they left me with was a mighty fine fellow, but he completely forgot to add Noni juice to my water while they were gone. When my humans got back, I was a mess. I was walking around with the shakes in the morning, my coat had gone dry and brittle with little tufts sticking out, my rash had started to come back, I was listless, and my eyes had lost their bright luster. Man, I looked like someone had slipped me a few beers! A little Noni in my water and my whole attitude changed in 15 minutes. I was a puppy again and in a day or so all those negative conditions reversed. I couldn't be better as long as I have my Noni juice from Tahiti!
My humans came back from a convention with something new and wonderful. I have to fight mites and fungus in my ears (warm climate again). My humans had been putting Noni juice in my ears. It worked, but I would shake my head and spray purple (the color of the Noni juice) everywhere, because the juice was cold from the refrigerator, you understand. Dave and Dianne brought home a nice, new skin supplement that has Noni juice from Tahiti as its main ingredient. It is white, creamy, and warm. It works even better than the juice and I don't shake my head. It would stay put in my ears even if I did.
My Veterinarian kept me while my humans went to that convention. He fed me my Noni juice and was so impressed with what great shape I was in that he asked Dave and Diane for more information about it. Said he was seriously considering using Noni juice from Tahiti for all of us four-leggers. He even asked if it was good for Veterinarians with the flu. You bet, Doc! Have some of mine!!
ow, I don't mind Doc using it on us dogs, but I take exception with him using it for cats. And just when I was getting so I could catch up with a few of those pesky critters with Noni. Now, Doc, that's barking up the wrong tree for sure (Ain't I the wag?). Take it from me, none of us will ever be "sick as a dog" if we drink our Noni juice!

Noni Helped My Dog

Doug West noticed one day that his pet dog, Jehu, (half Lab/half Chow) had somehow bitten through his lip. "The fang was sticking all the way through the side of his mouth. We live in the country and he has miles of woods to chase critters in. I figured he was hunting something. I talked to the Veterinarian and he said that it would never heal -- Jehu would have to have stitches. I thought, 'Why not put some Noni on it?' I pulled up his lip off the tooth and applied some Noni. By the end of the day the wound was starting to close up.
"He broke it open a couple of days later when my
wife gave him a bone to chew on. I again applied Noni to the wound. This time applied Noni a couple of times. Within two days the wound was completely gone. You could not even tell it was there.
"A friend of ours started giving Noni to their little Yorkshire Terrier. After just a few days she started acting like a puppy again, playing with his socks -- something she had not done in years. I would recommend this for any pet."

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