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John Networker sees a new, fast moving MLM company. They have really good products and a good pay plan. So John signs up. He works diligently to build his downline. He spends a great deal of time and money. John is so excited! His first big check is about to arrive. But it doesn’t arrive. Then, he discovers that the company went out of business.

Now John has no downline. No income. His hard work has been rewarded - - - with an empty feeling.

John finds another new company. Great products. Great pay plan. He works hard - - builds a downline - - only to hear the company has declared bankruptcy. Again, he has no downline. Nothing!

John repeats the same scenario several more times. Good company! Good products! Hard work! Nothing!


It seems that almost every new MLM goes down the drain. What does it take to have a long-term company - - one that will allow you to build a long-term income? What is the secret? One thing is certain – YOUR BUSINESS DOESN’T HAVE A FUTURE IF THE COMPANY DOESN’T HAVE A FUTURE!


What is the difference between a long term company and a short term company? It’s not the products or the pay plan. Many good companies have good products and a good pay plan. But there is one criteria that most people ignore. That criteria is: WHO IS RUNNING THE COMPANY?

Most new companies are not run by experienced Management. Typically, the Management is made up of successful Networkers who have built large downlines, and they think it would be nice to have their own company. QUESTION: What does THAT have to do with MANAGING a company? Why do successful Networkers think that building a large downline qualifies them to MANAGE a company?

The primary reason why most new companies fail is because the Management self-destructs. Mis-management causes the crashes! Over and over, we see the same re-run. Inexperienced management self-destructs again. And another company bites the dust!

One company has taken a refreshing different approach. They have formed a powerful Management Team with 100 years of Corporate Management experience.

What is missing in most companies? Experienced management!

If you want to build a long term residual income, you need a long term company . That means a company with a Management Team with experience.

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